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Cooking Starts with Sourcing Freshest Local Ingredients "Prima Materia," A Farm to Table Experience

Chef Armando Yagües is originally from Baja California where he spent most of his childhood at the many ranches owned by his family. The topography is the Sierra Juarez Mountains, Valle de Guadalupe, Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. The climate is similar to a Mediterranean climate where wine production flourishes, olive trees are in abundance and different herbs grow wild.

As a young man he was inspired by watching his grandmother and mother cook in their kitchens preparing wondrous and festive meals. Not knowing that someday he would be professionally working in some of the best kitchens in the United States and Europe. "At the ranch we would spend our holidays hunting and cooking, making fresh cheeses and waking up to the scent of yeast from the brioche my mother had prepared. I felt extremely lucky to experience this at that early stage of my life,"

Growing up with a Spanish and Mexican background opened the door of appreciation for other cultures and cuisines. As he grew older, Chef Yagües became interested in social anthropology and gastronomy. "As time went on, my curiosity grew stronger and fed my appreciation and understanding of the pleasure of gastronomy and it's mysteries. I was passionate about learning the nuances in the different cuisines of the world."

Today Chef Armando Yagües is fortunate enough to find himself in the midst of the culinary world and has worked his way up the ranks with some of the top chefs of our time, including Jean Georges Vongerichten , David Bouley, Albert Tordjman.

"Now I find myself at the beautiful crossroad between knowledge, experience, and passion. I am motivated in my pursuit of true inspiration and aim to create in the most sincere and organic manner. To me, this is gastronomy in its purest sense."

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