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Chef Anna Katharina Keimberg

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Chef Anna Katharina Keimberg

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Healthy Chef on Land and Sea "Food as Medicine", with an eye for detail and the Art in what we Eat

I am an experienced chef, working on land and sea.

I am passionate about healthy cooking and living as well as presenting the food in an aesthetic form. I love to use local and seasonal produce and whole foods.

Food is Medicine and it is important for me to give the best nourishment to my clients depending on their individual needs and preferences.

I am a certified Health Coach and studying different approaches to nutrition and am motivated and keep educating myself.

To cater for vegan, vegetarian and / or gluten free or other dietary requirements is a task that I very much welcome!

I worked for example as a private chef on a 20m sail yacht catering for a ketogenic diet where I enjoyed to create new dishes and tailor make a menu.

I very much enjoy the possibility to be creative in the kitchen as well as organise and manage everything involved, e.g. Menu planning, shopping, plating as well as keeping my work space clean and tidy.

My services

As a Private Chef, I can offer you:

Personal Chef

Simply tell me what you're craving! I would love to create the perfect menu for your special occasion in Palma.

Cooking Classes

Because "sharing is caring". I would be happy to teach you all sorts of techniques and recipes in Palma.

Culinary Consultancy

Trust me as a culinary consultant to help you with your concept in Palma.

Tupperware meals

If you are looking for someone to keep your fridge full of incredible meals in Palma, count me in.

Book your experience with Chef Anna Katharina

Specify the details of your requests and the chef will send you a custom menu just for you.