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((( I CURRENTLY DO NOT HAVE A PREP KITCHEN TO OPERATE OUT OF (needed for higher end meals & services)

- I CAN OFFER IN HOME MEAL PREP & GROCERY SHOPPING $45 HOUR/client purchases groceries)

Welcome to this culinary space shared with me!

Mini Tapa bio:

My culinary path has been very "grounded" in a manner of speaking. I grew up in a garden in a local Indiana farming community.

I spent 10 years in 4-H as a Grand & State Champion in Foods, Flowers & Gardening. Dick Crum , Indy's gardening guru "Dr. Dirt" was my judge.

I mastered quality assurance in those grooming years of very hard work with an eye for quality & detail.

I learned to cook on a gas stove when I was 4 and have been ever since.

At a very young age, I loved the creative freedom with food and had a vision to own a cafe.

I was born with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Yes, I was that girl with the lemonade stand on a county road! I made a few quarters.

This was the soup base so to speak! The roux began here

Fast forward & I chose to serve in the Coast Guard and became a designated Foodservice Manager & Subsistence Specialist.

Commercial Kitchen & Culinary Management program for the culinary professional within the commercial production of meals for our Enlisted & Officer members dining pleasure.

There is a high expectation of meal enjoyment & nutrition in the Coast Guard as you are held to creating the high morale of the unit you are serving.

Everyone looks forward to their meal, especially in contained environments.

Chop, Chop, Chop & prep! Menu planning, Inventory, Order, Stock, Receive & Prepare scratch delicious meals for batch cooking & Officer's. White glove kitchen inspections.

Independent properties & Catering companies was where my creativity could ignite & flourish.

I ventured into fine dining prep at a major Gulf Coast casino as I worked my way through college. I was on an opening culinary team for the Steve Wynn Resort Property, Beau Rivage. Working In these high end properties I was exposed to creative, classical trained, and Executive chefs who had climbed the ranks as apprentices.

I trained & worked with them individually. I

I have worked & managed in Sous Chef & Executive chef positions in Independent Restaurants, Catering companies and Chef services companies.

I have catered on my own for individuals & companies and their appreciation is the most rewarding feeling.

When you receive the value of appreciation and profit from your culinary creations that is where your spirit and heart energy soar.

Banging out food production for major profit for companies that don't "share the love" so to speak will burn you out every time.

I have a huge passion for Integrative Holistic Nutrition!

Mentoring people with their #biofuel and eating lifestyle is the artichoke heart of my culinary spirit!

I offer Holistic Nutrition Sessions.

If you or anyone you love has weight management concerns or eating disorders, I offer private holistic coaching and guidance as a pathway for your health!

Emotional eating or food deprivation is very common and can cause health concerns. Let's co-create a healthier you ! Private Sessions offered.

When you feel this spiritual connection to your food it creates this abundance energy in your life that grounds and energizes you!

It awakens your energy & zest for life!

Bon Appetit!



VALID HOME ADDRESS INDIANA Alcohol & Tobacco Commission : Employee Permit ( 2021 )



# If, I cannot find you on Social Media ( Facebook ) with your name or a valid address is not appearing on Google Maps, I will not send a menu out.

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More about me

For me, cooking is...

Necessary, Essential, Passionate, Creative, Spiritual, Fun, Integrative, Cultural and an Adventure !

I learned to cook at...

Home, ProCommercial in Military, Cultural Restaurants, High End Resorts. I have been really blessed to have worked with some exceptional female chefs

A role model in the kitchen is...

Foodies who absolutely have an adventurous culinary palette, young children excited to learn, foodies w/ spiritual connection to sustainable practices

A cooking secret...

Emotion & heart energy...Appreciation for universal energy to grow our food, mother earth, people through the complete process & their energy

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