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How does it work?

What is a personal chef experience?

Transform your spot into a restaurant by requesting a personal chef service, we'll deal with it all. You will just need to let us know your food preferences and when you would like to have the service. Our chefs will review your request and prepare a menu proposal that will be sent to you according to your preferences.

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Experience culinary perfection in Mount Prospect

Our Personal Chefs will create a menu proposal to suit your food preferences depending on your event. Alternative choices from various chefs will be sent to you, you will also have the right to review their professional experience in order for you to select the chef you like most. Our chefs have trained and practiced at high-end culinary schools around the world, and have over a decade of field experience. Try it and let us impress you!

Haute cuisine in the comfort of your home

Relax and enjoy your meal with our personal chefs in Mount Prospect

Leave the creativity to our personal chefs, the Chef will be responsible for purchasing the ingredients, cooking them at home, and serving you with the best culinary experience you've ever had. Do not worry about the dishes. Our chef must clean your kitchen before he/she leaves. Just relax and enjoy.

A Personal Chef experience in Mount Prospect

More than 80,000 people have already enjoyed the experience

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