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Our personal chefs are trained in the best culinary schools in the country and have years of experience, some in Michelin star restaurants. once you receive your menu proposals you will be able to view the profiles of the available chefs so that you can select the one that fits your needs more. You can also communicate with them in the messaging area in case you prefer to make any modifications.

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Experience culinary perfection in Schaumburg

It's simple! Just place your request on our site stating your food preferences, dietary restrictions, date and any additional information you consider important for our chefs to know. They will then work on tailored proposals for you to choose from and after you've made your choice, you'll only need to sit back and enjoy. Your chosen chef will take care of the shopping, cooking, table serving and the cleaning!

Haute cuisine in the comfort of your home

Try something innovative. Hire a Personal Chef in Schaumburg!

Be it a romantic dinner with your partner, a birthday celebration or simply a special occasion, we have the perfect chef for you. Leave all small details to us, we will make sure you live an unforgettable experience. Curious? Click above to begin!

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