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The greatest and most unique encounters are ones that shock you from the very beginning and don't quit until the finish. Those are the moments that render the most of memories. That is the ideology of Take a Chef.

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Enjoy a unique Personal Chef experience in Whittier

Each of our chefs has more than ten years of experience in the profession and has graduated from the greatest cuisine universities. And our job is to find the right chef for you to make this the greatest dining experience imaginable. To over 40 chefs in Whittier, we know we're going to find the perfect match for you!

Haute cuisine in the comfort of your home

Professionalism and cutting-edge techniques

Our Personal Chefs in Whittier will review your question and submit to you their ideas, tailoring them to your requirements. On the day of the meal, the Chef would purchase the ingredients, prepare them at home, serve the table and clean them until you go, so that you can rest and relax.

A Personal Chef experience in Whittier

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