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Chef Jule Thibault

Get to know me better

I mooved in few cities in france, and learn a lot about french gastronomy, Italian and spanish.

During all my childhood, we received at home a lot of people who were coming to eat, always at big tables. My grandma had 7 kids, you could imagine all the meal, all the food, the joy and the noise.

To me it is the most convivial moment in my life. Seeing her in the kitchen, cooking, and doing crazy things, she was smoking, yes, I never saw another grandma smoked! Could you imagine an older woman with a grey hair bun and a cigarette, she was an incredible woman.

She taught me the love of cooking for others, and how to share a meal with people in need. She also taught me how to sew. Yes, she used to work for the most famous fashionable Parisian creators when she was young. That's why I have always loved to have a lot of people at my table to share a delicious meal. In France, we could stay an afternoon seated around the table speaking, eating, dancing and drinking.

The nature

I learned something else that will become very important for us : the love of nature, of seasonal food, local and organic. I share a lot of information with my son about this. Today, he would simply offer plants to his friends :)

Tomorrow, a french documentary that we like to share a lot, is a good representation of what Nature means to us. We highly recommend it to you. TOMORROW is not just a film, it is the beginning of a movement seeking to encourage local communities around the world to change the way they live for the sake of our planet.

Do not forget to share with us your feelings about this documentary > Maybe it's better if I say "movie", because sometimes people think documentary is annoying ;)


We love a lot of different kinds of food : French of course, Lebanese, American, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Mexican... All dishes in the world have something good to taste.

We are very curious. And we would like to never stop learning about all the differences. We like to learn about history of dishes, ingredients, spices, ...

We don't always have the time to eat and learn about our meals.

But when we decide to have time and we start to look at what we eat, our dishes have more flavor, as if you knew the author's history book , like a painting and his painter, or as if you knew the rules of basketball (it's crazy when you don't understand a game match, you don't know when it's good, when you can cry "waouhhhh".

You are like a child facing his first balaclava " How do I do with this?". If someone could explain it to me, I will offer 1 meal, if you help me understand the rules of basketball !

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