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Charlotte is a Pacific Northwest Native hailing from Washington State. She has always had a love, respect, and passion for food for as long as she can remember. She started a boutique dessert catering business in 2009 focusing mainly on wedding cakes, specialty pastries and dessert bars. In 2013, Charlotte moved to Utah where she continued as a Pastry Chef, but in 2015 she expanded her business to include personal chef services, which has gained her invaluable experience crafting her food to accommodate multiple palates, dietary requests and restrictions, ranging from Paleo and Vegan, to Kosher or Nightshade Intolerant and everything in between. Her current clientele consists of all walks, including actors and actresses, CEO’s, vacationing families, business moguls, foreign diplomats, and anyone else seeking an intimate fine dining experience from the comfort of their home. Charlotte’s background has shaped her into a proficiently skilled chef in any environment she is placed, all while maintaining the highest standards in professionalism and quality of food. Currently, she resides in Utah for the ski season and Sundance Film Festival, and the state of Oklahoma for the rest of the year with the ability to travel to any destination that is required of her by her clients.

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