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Hey my name is Latifa S. Martin, I Philadelphia Pennsylvania beans on seven children parent. I grew up in a pretty big family and the price Philadelphia. My family’s truly believed in education and I got bass family. My mother always

believed a family that prays together stays together. As my early in my life as a young adult I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to do for a living but one thing I did know one thing for sure that I had to work. Over the years I cooked for others and people loving my cooking, through me working at other multiple jobs I’ve learned my best skills are in culinary at the art. I’ve been working at multiple hotels and Casinos through out the years like Hyatt Regency Hotel, Showboat

Casino other previous restaurants and hotels. Within the last three years I’ve

been working at the Enterprise Center culinary at Doors Hamilton building a

kitchen assistant two other caterers in food trucks assisted them and kittens their

product out to their customers for their event. I also worked with other caterers for years, getting better and better at what I do best. Helping to get ther event up and going as her sushi I learned a lot and catering hands. This is where I was inspired to start my own business Food From Heaven Catering LLC to branch out on. My love for you has at the air show in different food I prepared for other people as I worked for other people. Is a business woman it is a scary event

to branch out on your own but why I truly believe in disguise purse at home by my side I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. I truly believe that God would not let me stumble through life blindly He will guide me through this past and I will receive 100% as a caterer. I just don’t care if I also teach people how to cook and improve their skills ask up, and hopefully their love for the culinary at heart. Even though they not then not be professional, but they will beexcellent cook at home. What I do group, couple classes I’m by individuals. On top of cooking for small and large events. I’m a cook for a small as a couple or as part of a group as 500 Plus. Cater for wedding corporate events Fort misfits birthday parties and more. I truly believe for you to do this type of work you have true we have to love what you do. Because I truly believe if you don’t love what you do it shows up and in the food to prepare for us and you won’t be in this business long you don’t love what you do.

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More about me

For me, cooking is...

The best thing ever. I love what I do every day to make something that people enjoy to eat.

I learned to cook at...

When I was about 7 years old and loved it every scents.

A role model in the kitchen is...

Keep it clean and keep the food delicious.

A cooking secret...

Make everything with love

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