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Chef Donnchadh Geraghty

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passionate, reliable, deliver on taste and quailty

Award-winning Executive Head-chef & Culinary Consultant, Recipes, Product & Menu Developer.

Gourmet influencer. More than twenty-eight years of professional cooking and kitchen management experience.

Exemplary leadership qualities and professionalism, backed by a consistent, verifiable record of achievement.

Senior positions in Michelin 3 Star and Michelin 1 Star rated restaurant establishments including:

• Gordon Ramsey's (London)

• MVH (London)

• E&O of Notting Hill

• Conrad Hotel Dublin 5 star deluxe mention a few.

In these establishments, in my role as Senior Chef, I was in charge of the many ongoing kitchen and restaurant needs to including:

• creating and implementing daily menus

• health & safety

• ala carte

• private functions

• ordering and managing supplies

• managing kitchen staff for excellence

• ensuring the best in food and pricing.

I am great with teaching and mentoring staff to empower them to maintain the highest food quality and service while delegating tasks, creating culinary masterpieces, and working with HOD in a mentor role.

When I worked for Etihad Airways I went into the effects of food on the body and how cabin pressure affects what it does for your body, the effects on

your taste buds, the effect the pressure has on the food and on your health. This helped me a lot when I went to Pura Foods and I began to look more

closely at stable diets in a body effect stimulation mode. How to get the controlled amount of food into your diet either losing weight or gaining

weight, also the effect and toll taking prescribed medication has on your body and introducing the vitamin and minerals lost in using different cooking methods and different types of lean and fatty foods.

When I looked at it all I reopened Black Bites to work with natural food products ie: charcoal, Irish moss, soy lectin, and meat supplement (PVP) etc, we also designed meal plans and food-based diets working to benefit your major organs (ie) heart, liver, spleen, lungs, eyes, tongue, kidneys etc...with great results and

effects. This is why I'm looking at the hospital sector to work with food that will aid with your recovery based on the medication you are taking.


1993 - 1994 - Failte Ireland, Amiens St, Dublin, Ireland 16 week PLC basic food course

1994 - 1996 Dublin Institute of Technology, Cathal Brugha St. College of Catering, Ireland City and Guilds Certificate in Professional Cookery

1997 - 1999 Athlone Institute of Technology, Ireland NTCB awarded Certificate Professional Cookery, Location: Athlone Ireland Completion Date: March 1999

Grade: 85 out of 100

2001 – 2003 - Won many awards for food and service while training in high-end restaurants and hotels.

2003 – 2004 - Michelin recommendation and noted as one of the top newly opened restaurants in London by the Michelin Guide.

2004- Guest Appearance: ITV Dinner Dates London cooking and service standards in MVH restaurant.

2004 – 2005 - Awarded 5th Best Restaurant in the world voted the best place to eat in England by Harpers Bazar in New York Along with many more awards while I was there opened up Pengelly of knight’s bridge London.

2005 - 2006 - Awarded best of the best the very best restaurant and chef in Conrad Hotel Dublin (Ireland)

Overall Hygiene award: Seanad Chef Eireann, Food Fest 2005

Bronze Medal: ‘Senior Mystery Basket’ Seanad Chef Eireann, Food Fest

2007 -2009 Leading Restaurant award: Leading Restaurants Association of Ireland. (french based critics) Nomination for Best ‘Chef’ in County 2010 (Talbot Hotel)

Reviewed in the ‘the best of the best’ and in “the very best of the best“ publications

2013 February - 2014 January - Won many awards at Kingsway Bar & bistro in Australia Including winner of a mystery cook off against 10 of the top restaurants in Perth (western Australia)

Certification / diploma, Professional Cookery

2013- West Coast Institute of Training Certificate in hospitality in Australia.

2014 February - 2016 September - Being recognized by management and crew as a team player with 47 crew, guest and management recognition. Awarded Shukran Certificates of appreciation with photoshoots of food presentation.

2018 - Broke world record for cooking and serving biggest Chicken magaluba in Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Photo from Donnchadh Geraghty

More about me

For me, cooking is...

...a devotion that you constantly grow and move forward to better your skill and knowledge everyday

I learned to cook at...

...the kitchens of some of the best chefs in the world, just back from 7 years in the middle east cooking for royalty

A cooking secret... be organized and use the best quality ingredients

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