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Chef Sarah Van Iddekinge

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Specialty Chef - Wild and Foraged, Local sourcing, Organic, Raw, Super, Healing Foods, Nature, Specific Menu. Love. PLUS Chef Assistant Gianluca

We are a passionate foodie couple starting out in the Private Event Catering world. We are saving to purchase a Mobile Woodfire Pizza oven, and will begin a business serving authentic Neapolitan Pizza, combining our talents to add a local flair. We will be available to Cater at events and private parties in the future, as Chefs and as Pizzaiolos, so watch this space!

Gianluca and Sarah delight to serve to our guests and visitors to the region, our traditional recipes combined with local, fresh, seasonal, wild sourced ingredients.

****Please feel free to browse some of our dishes, or ask us to tailor a dish for you. We apologise that at this stage we are still taking, preparing and uploading photos of the dishes, so bear with us.****

Wild Food Foraging Chef - Sarah

8 Years hospitality experience in Restaurant kitchens

Wild Earth Restaurant Head Chef 2 Years

"A very good cook" so they say!

She has had personal Journeys into New Zealand Native Food, Mexican Tacos, Sushi, Middle Eastern, Indian, Vegetarian, East Asian, and Italian Cuisines. Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Baking, and nutrient loading.

Sarah has a passionate interest in food from nature, and the medicinal properties of herbs. Most recently embarking on a personal study of Wild Ferments, and other Cultures, raw foods and a focus on the gut biome and digestion. She enjoys collecting local knowledge on local food sources, chemical free lifestyles, and discovering rare delicacies.

"I have the time to seek out the best possible, freshest, wildest, and heartiest foods available in this present moment".

Traditional Neapolitan Chef - Gianluca

25 years restaurant experience, Sous chef/Second cook in Norton St, Sydney in the 1990's when Italian food was really taking off. Subsequently working in Family owned restaurants for 5 to 10 years, as a Barista, Waiter, Pizziaolo, a Line Cook at Porto Fino, and Sous Chef at Galetta Bar, Norton St training under the famous Ralph of Buon Gusto, Newton. Ralph has since passed however his 40yr old menu's are still being used today.

Traditional Italian Coastal Seafood Recipes, and other dishes such as Wild Game Ragu and Linguine alle Vongole are implanted in his DNA. Chef's Assistant Gianluca aspires to the highest quality presentation, that will impress your palate and your eyes. You can depend on beautiful pastas, salads and sauces, a tidy efficient and clean operation, quiet and professional when required, but equally authentic. charming and kind.

Together our eclectic combination of experience, a fun loving partnership, gorgeous personalities, are what enable Gianluca and Sarah to cater for you, as a unique experience, from a strong team. We aim to provide a vibe of relaxation, delicate dining, pleasure, with a reverence to food, beauty and nature.

We are a combined family, we love spending time with our kids, teaching them valuable skills in life. We love outdoor sports, looking after our land, and going on holidays together. We would rather spend money on experiences than things. So we work hard to enjoy an enriched life. At the same time we are conscious of our actions and impacts on the planet.

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I can do weddings, birthdays and corporate events in Takaka. You name it!

Culinary Consultancy

Trust me as a culinary consultant to help you with your concept in Takaka.

Tupperware meals

If you are looking for someone to keep your fridge full of incredible meals in Takaka, count me in.

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