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Light and innovative food, inspired by world cuisines.

Dainius Vaitiekunas is a young talented Chef from Lithuania. Having begun his journey as a Graphic Designer, he did not settle there and soon discovered cooking as a new outlet for his creative expression, leading his path to the Restaurant world. Dainius chose London for his culinary apprenticeship and in the following years rapidly advanced to become a key figure at some of the well renowned establishments in Europe, such as: Nama (London), Farmacy (London), Micheline recommended Vanilla Black (London) and MIcheline starred Joia (Milan). Being self trained and highly intuitive, Dainius developed a unique relationship with food, merging the lines between health and fine dining. His artistic approach and attention to detail has gained him recognition amongst his peers and diners alike.

Over the last couple of years, Dainius has taken a break from the hospitality industry and completely immersed himself into food science and creative development. The constant search for new techniques and flavours backed by years of experience has led his cuisine to become truly remarkable.

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