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Concept Development:

Food & Beverage Concept Development is a key service we offer at Food Design. We have experience in all aspects of food and beverage development including hotel kitchen & dining, signature restaurants, all-day dining destinations, bistros, concept bars, dining precincts, cafés zones, shopping center food retail, transit stations, airports and fresh food halls.

Our process follows a defined path from conceptualisation through to trading entity, with clear identification of our client’s expectations of outcomes agreed from the outset to achieve an end result of a sustainable, creative retail venue. Projects benefit from our international experience, our creativity and applied consideration of current food and beverage opportunities and emerging trends.

Principles and foundation of a creative concept development:

We understand that each project must have an innovative, creative focus coupled with a commercial vision to deliver a sustainable and functional outcome.

We start each project by gaining a thorough understanding of the organisation, motives, business culture, project objectives and desired results.

Generate Concepts: We apply our creativity and vision to our clients brief; delivering initial concept drafts. These are then reviewed at the innovation stage.

Observe and Analyse: Market analysis of competitors, trends and industry standards allows us to identify voids, strengths and opportunities within the market. Data collected then forms a retail strategy, which is reviewed in relation to local and international trends.

Fiscal planning: The creativity in the development of any retail concept must be balanced by a thorough analysis of financial requirements and implications. This stage provides key financial data that include start-up capital, revenue projections, operating costs and gross operating profit.

Our knowledge and insight into best-practice operations internationally provides the foundation for this service. This shapes the basis for investment decision-making and refinement of concept processes.

Innovate: Once the strategy has been determined, potential concepts are refined. Food and beverage concepts comprise a dynamic and evolving mix of variables, which include ambience, food offer, customer criteria, design, brand look and service style. These are developed in alignment with brand values, the vision and the strategy.

Develop & Enhance: Final concepts are refined and enhanced to achieve brand consistency and visual impact. The menu is developed to appeal to the target market. The space and ambiance are defined and the creative team communicates with the architect or designer.

Implementation: This stage provides required organisational skills and attention to detail. Our team implements a programme that determines the best-practice standards for operational procedures and training manuals.

Comprehensive training manuals establish the concept's policies and procedures, and address all operational needs.

Future-proofing: Growing a business requires a strong and focused strategic marketing approach, to grow the customer base and achieve consistent standards of operation to retain them.

Regular reviews and continuous improvement are critical to a long-term, successful and sustainable business.

Innovation and evolution within the business will deliver sustainability.

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