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Book a Private Chef for your holidays, you will not regret it.

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Enjoy a unique Private Chef experience in Jochberg

Invite a Private Chef into your home for a unique culinary experience. Transform your kitchen into one of Jochberg's top restaurants with Take a Chef. However, there’s one crucial difference: we build the entire experience around your preferences. Simply tell us which cuisine you are craving and we will send you the best available private chefs in Jochberg. All you have to do is to choose the date of the service and your selected chef will head to the market to find the freshest local products to prepare you a personalized dish. They’ll then come to your house and cook the entire menu directly in your kitchen. And just to make sure you can relax, they’ll provide table service and clean up before leaving. So why not give it a go? Click below to get started!

Our Private Chef in Jochberg
Dish cooked by a Private Chef in Jochberg

Unique culinary experience with a Private Chef in Jochberg

To make your stay an unforgettable experience for you and your family or friends, we'll match you up with the most suitable chef for you. Our chefs have been trained in the best culinary schools worldwide and have over ten years of professional experience. We have a wide diversity of chef profiles, which you will be able to check once they send you their menu proposal for your dining experience. You’ll also be able to contact them directly, request any modification, and eventually make sure that every last detail is just as you want it.

Haute cuisine in the comfort of your home

Your house becomes the greatest restaurant

Thousands of people can boast of having ever enjoyed a Take a Chef experience and in Jochberg it is not going to be less. Surely you have not tried it yet, but it is not late. Today is the perfect time to design your own experience. From the valued Mediterranean cuisine, to the traditional Austrian cuisine to the most avant-garde elaborations, our Private Chefs will unleash the taste of every ingredient through a personalized menu. We ensure that you will not regret it.

A Private Chef experience in Jochberg

More than 80.000 people have already enjoyed the experience

Ivo is such a lovely person, very friendly, professional and a great chef who knows what he's doing. The dishes we received were more than restaurant quality. Our dinner was very enjoyable so delicious. We will be definitely asking Ivo to come back for more of his culinary surprises.

Dana Timmons - Mar 22 2021

5/ 5

This was a perfect and very professional experience.

Ulrich Schmitt - Feb 23 2021

5/ 5

Before the dinner even happened, Cecilia was very helpful with every question. Upon arrival, Cecilia was very professional and extremely friendly. The food Cecilia prepared for us was delicious, beautiful and very well explained. It was amazing experience on each step of the way! All thanks to Cecilia!

Kamil Wolanin - Feb 25 2021

5/ 5

Jose was incredible, an angel! He prepared the most delicious meal for our wedding night with guests and I can hands down say it’s some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. Friendly, professional, kind and fantastic!!!

Louise Bingham - Mar 08 2021

5/ 5

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