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Creative, innovative, smart, professional, i know what i am doing to deliver great italian cuisine to match your taste buds and im sure you will lovet

I am an Italian chef with 8 years of experience. A high dreamed man whose passion is to cook and impress others. Well-mannered and proactive and will never let go of an opportunity. Simply believes that “everything happens for a reason” and giving up will never cross his mind. His mission is to be able to reach up to the top in the culinary world and with hard work dedication he will strive for ! I have worked in 3 different hotels over the past 10 years. I have experience in all line of a kitchen such as catering, restaurant, hotel.etc i love share my art and at the same crave for the excitement my customers praise me for as well as the dining experience they are about to experience while i am around. Creativity and tastebuds is really important in food and i am very confident that having me around will not look just like an ordinary day like i said im here to impress.

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