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Chef Vikram Naik

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Chef Vikram Naik

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Chef Consultant & Food Connoisseur

My current job as an In-flight Executive chef has provided me with a unique identity as a globe-trotting chef. For 8 years, I've developed specialized skills required to cater to my high profile guest on board the aircraft. To produce high-quality food, bespoke, tailored made hauté cuisine individually catered French Fine Dining experiences. My skill set is a perfect match for R&D in food and products related, along with being a spokesperson for a global brand and corporation chef.

I learned to cook at the Global Chef Academy in Singapore.

I'm involved in menu planning every 3 to 4 months in order to include new cuisines and seasonal ingredients available globally and work accordingly with our menus.

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As a professional Chef, I offer the following services

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