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Chef Nikolaos Koukouvas

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Chef Nikolaos Koukouvas

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perfectionist , creative

i'm a very passionate and creative cook. i believe cooking is a lifestyle,not just a job,because

to survive in this industry a chef need to live for this job he does and always focusing in a larger target

than his previous one.since the beginning of my career, my aim was to work on the highest level

restaurants in Greece,restaurants with michelin stars and top restaurants of my country.

i strongly believe that a chef need to have a variety experience in his cv,because only if a chef works

in different environments and different style and culture cuisines,only then he can feel strong self confident.

now, i'm at a point that i know i can control any situation with very good results.

furthermore, i am a team player and i believe in respect inside a kitchen,if everybody respect each other,

the result to the customer will be the best

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