Enjoy a culinary experience in the comfort of your own home with a private chef.

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Private chef

A restaurant in your own home

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Chef for your holiday

Forget about cooking

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Permanent Chef

Find the perfect Chef for you

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Cooking Show

Live cuisine

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Marketing campaigns

Gift a Chef experience

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Find out what our other customers had to say about the experience.

I would describe it as a sea of sensations, in which every wave is an enjoyable as the one before!

Murshid al-Nouri


Thanks to you, my friend Marco's birthday set the bar extremely high and was great!

Zaahira al-Hassan


No words, it was spectacular! I'm in love with Take a Chef.

Lara Gibson


Great value for money. It's an experience that lasts much longer than just a couple of hours!

Sofia Vanella


Would repeat without a doubt, we enjoyed it thoroughly at the December Bridge culinary show. The chef was great!

Naaila al-Hosein


This was our first experience with a personal chef and it was definitely a positive one. It's very much like being in a restaurant but much more personal and comfortable. Great stuff.

Izzat el-Qazi


It was a very nice night with the best food. Chef Sarah was very kind and professional, she explained us all the dishes.

Shajee'a el-Abed


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