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I am an enthusiastic and enerrgetic person, always inspired by new ideas. Just a chef trying to turn her dreams into reality.

I'm Susanna, a 31-year-old Italian chef who loves her job. I have cooked since I was 4 years old with the best teachers in the world: my grandmothers; they passed the passion to me and made me learn how to respect the products of my beloved country: Italy.

The moment I understood that I could only be a chef, I signed up for the best chef training school in Italy, ALMA. After this wonderful experience, I did a master's in Event Food Design and in Culinary Nutrition, and proceeded to work in different Michelin star restaurants.

I have worked as a cooking and pastry teacher and after a few years, I opened my own restaurant in Milan, the ByS Milano. This grew to be a really nice and successful project born to mix my to passion: art and food, but, as I love challenging myself self I decided to sold it and start my Personal Chef career.

I have worked in villas, chalets and yachts in all the world for VIP clients of many different nationalities.

I am specialized in Mediterranean cuisine, Asian, Indian and Sud American.

I speak fluent Italian, Spanish and English and French.

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