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My passion for food and love of all things gastronomic began at and early age. By the time I started High school, with two excellent home cooks as parents, I was headed down the path to becoming a Chef.

Just two weeks after completing my final HSC exam I started my apprenticeship at long standing Sydney restaurant Cottage Point Inn. Due to the remoteness of the restaurant, deliveries were limited. This gave me the opportunity to learn things that were unique to me, from house-baked bread to 4am trips to the Flemington Market to purchase fruits and vegetables.

Next came the opportunity to work at the Establishment Hotel, in Sydney’s CBD, an early part of Justin Hemmes’ omnipotent hospitality universe. This proved to be a fantastic experience that exposed me to industry leaders with an incredible vision and a great sense of contemporary hospitality.

From there I ventured to Vancouver, Canada for what would be a great 4 years of continued culinary growth. It brought the opportunity to work alongside some inspiring chefs. Learning new techniques with produce, particularly seafood unique to the Pacific Northwest.

My watershed moment came in 2009 when I started working for Sean Moran at the fabled Bondi restaurant Sean’s Panaroma. I was stuck by the honesty and integrity of the food and the restaurant. I have been inspired ever since to strive for that level of integrity and pure deliciousness without pretention.

From Sean’s I spent two summers in “the Hamptons” NY, USA. Working for a private family preparing dinner parties with the incredible bounty available. From the best stone fruit I have ever tasted to the freshest locally caught seafood.

My food philosophy is all about simple honest food. I am passionate about forging great relationships with purveyors and utilizing local produce to create dishes that are delicious to eat. I think giving each guest a memorable experience is what its all about.

My favorite ingredients are constantly changing with the seasons and new discovery’s are always being made. Currently they include: native fingerlimes, Burrawong Farms Poultry, Pangkarra durum wheat flour, and kaleidoscopic heirloom tomatoes.

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More about me

For me, cooking is...

My vocation, my life, my passion

I learned to cook at...

I learned under serval industry titans including Sean Moran of Bondi farm to table institution Seans Panaroma.

A role model in the kitchen is...

My mother, a great home cook in her own right. She taught me the elegance of simplicity and that it is a great pleasure to cook for and nourish people

A cooking secret...

Letting produce speak for itself whilst employing techniques seldom taught or seen by the culinary public at large.

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