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Passionate, skilled chef with a love for hospitality.

With a passion for food spanning his whole life, Chef Matthew entered the culinary and hospitality industry 25 years ago. After graduating with honours from a top culinary school, he moved to Charleston, South Carolina, one of America's best known gastronomic cities in the south, to quench his thirst for a deeper understanding of sustainable farm to table cooking.

Chefs all over the country take pride in starting their culinary career in Charleston, known as the Holy City, a dream destination for aspiring chefs. The place did not disappoint because Matthew made a name for himself, scaled up the ranks, and strengthened his skills by cooking in different kitchens.

Eager for new challenges and armed with an even better mastery of cooking, Matthew decided it was time to test his skills in the culinary mecca of New York City.

Not only did Matthew make it through the concrete jungle that is NYC, but he also did it fashionably well. He rose and led several Michelin-starred restaurants around the city, expanding his repertoire to include Italian, French and American cuisines. NYC was the best place to be a successful chef because it is a melting pot of cultures, art, food, and dance.

But, Matthew's dreams did not end there. He wanted more, and so he did. He stepped away from the shadows and did his own thing. He started an events company that catered to all that New York offers. New York City is synonymous with parties, so he joined in on the fun.

Offering delectable food and extraordinary service, the company expanded quickly with Matthew at the helm. He cooked and curated parties for socialites, finance gurus, world-renowned artists, and prominent celebrities. Name someone, and Matthew's probably been in their kitchen as he also became a close personal chef.

Apart from running the events business, Matthew also took on another job, private cooking for celebrities. He clearly remembers the first day he cooked for Madonna. She waltzed in the kitchen, sat at the head table, and played A Tribe Called Quest loudly, singing and eating to her heart's content.

Chef Matthew worked long and hard all his life and gave credit to his passion for food because it fueled him through it all. All the stresses that come with his line of work melt away because he gets a different kind of fulfilment when he cooks. This same passion keeps him from staying stagnant. He envisions something more and a go-getter that he is, Matthew finds a way to achieve it.

What is next for him?

Spending most of his life in New York, he gained so much learning and experience as he led the kitchens of award-winning restaurants. Armed with all these, he ventured into his events business while also providing private chef services to some of the world's biggest names. It's impressive how he balanced everything on his busy plate while raising two boys with his beloved Australian wife.

Adding Covid-19 to the equation made everything more challenging than it originally was. Change and pivot were inevitable, pushing Matthew out of his comfort zone once more. He flew and reunited with his family to start a new life in Australia.

Matthew is looking forward to continuing his trail of success, which began in the US, to Australia. Australians must be ecstatic to have him in their midst. The country waits in eager anticipation to what Chef Matthew will whip up next using his favourite superior French cast iron pan, a kitchen tool that is as versatile as he is.

Chef Matthew Knoll on why cooking remains to be his passion,

"While some treat cooking as a routine task for survival, I see cooking as an art. It undergoes a creative process, where I, the artist, transform raw ingredients, through expert technique, into something that hits all your senses. It creates new memories and brings back old ones."

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More about me

For me, cooking is...

Bring all my senses alive, creativity and creating happiness for patrons.

I learned to cook at...

Johnson and whales university, restaurants in Charleston SC and New York City NY.

A role model in the kitchen is...

Rene of Noma in Denmark.

A cooking secret...

Jars of flavor developers.

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