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Chef Kirill Grechin

Private Chef In Playa Del Carmen

4.9/ 5
Chef Kirill Grechin
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Just a perfectionist Chef with a great taste.

I am a professional chef with more than 17 years of experience in different countries and with a different cuisines of the world (Mexico, Spain, Italy, Thailand, France, Philippines, Russia and more). In 2012 I opened my own catering company (more than 20,000 customers), in 2013 I opened a cooking school and trained more than 8,000 people. In 2015 I opened a restaurant "Personal Che"f", Philippines, which was the best in Bohol Province for 3 years. Since 2018 I live in Mexico.

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Reviews about Kirill

4.9/ 5

Our experience was with chef Kirill Grechin and I highly recommend. Chef was very helpful and flexible during the meal planning stages. His menu offerings were diverse and creative. He was also very helpful in assisting me with selecting wine that would compliment his flavors. He arrived promptly and was very organized. His partner provided excellent and attentive service throughout the meal. Our appetizer was an elevated version of a steak street taco. The meat was cooked perfectly and very tender, the other flavors included a made by hand salsa that was absolutely mouth-watering. The garnish was some kind of crunchy sprout that added not only wonderful texture but a balancing flavor. Next we enjoyed a hearty pumpkin soup and chef was kind enough to provide us with an education about the kinds of pumpkins that are available in this region for culinary use. I definitely plan to purchase some next time I visit the market. The entree was very generous portion of perfectly cooked salmon with pea purée topped with a fresh guacamole and paired with a zucchini and tomato salad. Every dish was fresh and tasted alive and delicious ????. Dessert was just a ridiculous (in a good way) explosion of flavor, texture and temperature. I don’t even think that I can recall all of the ingredients but it definitely had deliciously cooked peaches, candied hazelnuts, a tiny amount of blue cheese and something frozen. It was EVERYTHING you want in a dessert. The clean up was quick and thorough, my husband and I were left seated at the table with a glass of wine, a full belly and a huge smile! This was our first experience with Take a Chef, we will definitely be using the service again and we will be seeking out more of Chef Grechin. Highly, highly recommend.

Christine - Feb 17 2021

5/ 5

Amazing, delicious and everything we could have wanted in a private chef experience!!! Would recommend 10/10 to everyone!

Shofolahan Da-Silva - Jan 07 2021

5/ 5

Chef Raul Garcia was very prompt and treated us with care. He was open to providing great overall service and stayed in contact with us every step of the way.

Takia Canty - Nov 05 2020

5/ 5

Kirill was fantastic! Beyond amazing dishes, he brought a cultural twist to the experience and surprised us with dishes from Mexico, Russia, Italy, and France while our multicultural team enjoyed a trip to Mexico for an immersive Company retreat. He added a personal artistic touch to his dishes by taking traditional Mexican recipes and turning them into works of flavorful art. Our entire team of 8 people (from US, Ireland, and Eastern Europe) was praising him all week and he, along with his wonderful assistant, worked extra hard to make sure we had a great experience.

Luis - Feb 05 2020

5/ 5

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