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I'm a gastronomic art.

Being a chef for 6+years is more than simply a profession. It is passion and inspiration, a living art form catching the senses. I strongly believe that the combination of smells, tastes and sight with love build a yearning to create shared memories and experience between people.

Since I was born my family had a strong influence on my concept of food experience for its important role in people's lives and changed the way I think about food and inspired me to become a chef.

Cooking is very much done from the heart, and it’s an art form that involves the free-flowing exchange of creativity. My own way to express my personality, emotions and memories in my dishes.

I believe that eating is a language which everybody speaks and knowing that my work can have an influence on people from different cultures motivates me by knowing that I can help to foster good physical and mental health. For those reasons I am really inspired by travel and ethnic cuisine, never forgetting my Brazilian origins.

Cooking is such an extensive field that there is always something new to learn such as growing the ingredients to incorporating them on my plates. Experiencing different ways to cook from all sorts of cultures around the world impulses me to frequently improve my art and try to make a little difference in the history of gastronomy.

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