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Chef Luca Visconti
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Sushi chef すししょくにん

I m a sushi chef from Milan, italy, but I have only practise and skills about Japanese kitchen. I know is wierd, but this is my passion...

I love their culture and food as well, and i m glad to spread all over my country their rules and technique.

I love the traditional style of sushi and sashimi, but i could make fusion if you like.

Okonomiyaki, tenpura and tonkatsu and more about japanese cuisine.

But i m not a traditional chef, just sushi chef!


My services

As a professional Chef, I offer the following services

Personal Chef

I can create a menu based on your preferences to enjoy in the comfort of your home in Brescia. Simply tell me what you're craving!

At home cooking course

Choose this option for a private cooking class in Brescia and I will put together a tailor-made cooking lesson for you.

Cooking Show

Interactive or demonstrative, I can provide showcooking services in Brescia.

Culinary consultant

Hire me as a culinary consultant in Brescia to help you with your restaurant.

Book your experience with Luca Visconti Luca

Specify the details of your requests and our Chefs will send you a customised menu.

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