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Hire one of our 80 Private Chefs in Velten and personalize your menu, 210 clients in Velten have already booked their chef!

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Private Chef in Velten

Since the first Private Chef that joined Take a Chef and created a profile in Velten in March, 2016, more than 80 Private Chefs have affiliated to our platform in Velten and offer their services as Private Chef anywhere in Brandenburg.

Starting from 2016, 210 guests have already enjoyed a Private Chef in Velten through Take a Chef. Up until today, our chefs have shared 22 customized menu proposals, sending a total of 116 messages to the guests, who have rated their experience an average score of 4.4 out of 5.

Our guests in Velten typically reserve menus of 87 EUR per person, which include 3.38 courses, sharing an average of 3.94 messages with their Private Chef for the personalization of their menu before reserving. Submit your request and find your Private Chef in Velten!

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80 Private Chefs in Velten

Meet the top rated Private Chefs in Velten

Silvio Berrino - Private Chef in Velten

Silvio Berrino


I am a professional and dynamic person with more than 30 years experience in the business, excellent academic record, international exposure, I would...

5 (6)
8 services
Ayan Gavish - Private Chef in Velten

Ayan Gavish


Cooking studies in Tel Aviv were the beginning of my journey into the ever-growing adventure of gastronomy and hospitality. After years of cooking in...

5 (3)
5 services
Andoni Sánchez - Private Chef in Velten

Andoni Sánchez


Young self-motivated professional with more than eight years of experince insdide of the kitchen. Quality-focused and efficient Chef able at preparing...

4.7 (2)
5 services
Lela Havemann - Private Chef in Velten

Lela Havemann


I dedicate myself to creative international cuisine, celebrating my German and French roots and my stations in the African Islands, the Canary Islands...

4 (1)
4 services
Philipp Seefried - Private Chef in Velten

Philipp Seefried


I’m Philipp, 27 years old and professional chef with more than 10 years international cooking experience. I worked in Hotels, Michelin star Restaurant...

4.9 (3)
3 services
Melanie Lotos - Private Chef in Velten

Melanie Lotos


I’m a multi-passionate international chef and artist with a degree in media arts, photography as well as health coaching - certified by The Institute ...

5 (2)
2 services
Sebastian Müller - Private Chef in Velten

Sebastian Müller


I discovered my passion for cooking during my hotel traineeship so i decided to absolve a second traineeship as a cook. The highlights of my Career so...

5 (2)
2 services
Marc Chandail - Private Chef in Velten

Marc Chandail


For me cooking is never a job. It is what I choose to do with my time. I love the feeling of sitting together and making food which has been prepared...

3.2 (1)
1 services
Dario Genchi - Private Chef in Velten

Dario Genchi


Italian, 31 years old, based in Germany, graduated in Italy at the school of tourism and hospitality, from the region of Apulia also Known as 'The doo...

4.2 (1)
1 services
Jacopo Scalambrino - Private Chef in Velten

Jacopo Scalambrino


Hallo, ich bin Jacopo, 30 Jahre alt, und seit 10 Jahre arbeite ich als Koch in Restaurants. Ich bin in Mailand geboren und seit 7 Jahren lebe ich in B...

5 (1)
1 services
Caris Husbands-Jennings - Private Chef in Velten

Caris Husbands-Jennings


I am a professional chef from London, working within the industry for 10+ years and have had an intense passion and yearning for food ever since I cou...

4.5 (1)
1 services
Tito Guglielminetti - Private Chef in Velten

Tito Guglielminetti


A fast Tour around my operation on the last 10 years… and, special… … I can never forget, my previous beautiful work experience, very successful time....

4.5 (1)
1 services

22 menus personalized by our Private Chefs in Velten

Every occasion needs a tailored menu, personalize yours!

More than 200 guests have already enjoyed the experience



4,4/ 5



The guests in Velten have scored the experience with their Private Chef with a 4.



Not only taste counts! The presentation of our Private Chefs dishes has received a 5 average score.



The clean up of the kitchen and dining area in Velten has been scored with a 4 on average.

Food quality


The quality of the menus cooked by our Private Chefs in Velten received an average score of 4.

Take a Chef


The oeverall experience of our guests with Take a Chef in Velten has received a score of 5!

What a service! We had the best meal for a company celebration. The food was amazing and the wine pairing was picked out perfectly. The food presentation was also brilliant and we had the best evening. We had two vegetarians and a gluten free but this was not a problem and we had great options that catered to everyone. I couldn't recommend him enough! Thank you!

Alex Walsh - Mar 8, 2021

5/ 5

The Cheff Ayan was great! We had very easy communication, the menu was very nice (professional made and professional served). She were very delicate and the conversation with her was a pleasure.

Adelina Weikart - Apr 9, 2019

5/ 5

We had a great evening with Chef Andoni! It was my first time using this service and the whole experience exceeded my expectations. Communication with the chef about my preferences and dinner specific went very smoothly and the food, service and presentation was excellent. He was very friendly and left the kitchen spotless. Highly recommended.

Aminata Conde - Oct 1, 2020

4,8/ 5

Una excelente experiencia. Para repetir.....

Esther Martínez - Aug 12, 2019

4/ 5

Chef Philipp was a pleasure to work with. He developed a delicious menu and adjusted it to account for my food allergies and the type of cuisine that we liked. Everything was delicious and we would highly recommend him!

Linda Shapiro - Aug 20, 2018

5/ 5

It was one of our best meals, truly an amazing and thoughtful experience! We were celebrating our wedding anniversary and Melanie puts a lot of effort and thought in the preparation of the meal to make it in line with the occasion. She pours her soul and love in her cooking. The ingredients were fresh and top quality and her cooking style is clean. We highly recommend her and will definitely hire her again for the next occasion.

Wei Lin Su - Nov 20, 2020

5/ 5

Sebastian exceeded our expectations in every way. When we submitted our menu requests of what we liked, he took this into great consideration with each and every dish. The portions were perfect, plating was beautiful, surprises were delightful. We have eaten at a lot of Michelin-star and high-end restaurants worldwide, and the meal Sebastian prepared and served us in our dining room is one of the best we have ever had, and the value for what we were served was outstanding! We would highly recommend him and are considering arranging another meal with Sebastian before we leave Germany in a few months.

Howard De Leeuw - Apr 18, 2020

5/ 5

Thank you for the evening, chef Marc. The proposed menu was even extended. The food was well prepared enough to serve 3-4 people. So for future menus, slightly smaller portions would he enough to fill you up. Do ask to keep leftovers, hate to see food thrown away.

Lizzy Drapatz - Oct 1, 2020

3,2/ 5

Dario put a lot of effort creating an amazing dinner for us. He has a lot of attention to details and it was great spending the time with him

Ran Kraus - Feb 11, 2019

4,2/ 5

I really liked the entire experience, the food, the chef and everything. Really enjoyed the company of the chef. Super job

Ana Maria - Mar 11, 2021

5/ 5

Who wouldn't love a self-taught Chef who worked his way up through the ranks of the top restaurants in Europe to become what he is today. We were extremely impressed with his take on seafood and how efficient he was all while answering our questions and engaging with us throughout the meal. Was a wonderful experience for us.

Carl White Jr - Mar 8, 2021

4,5/ 5

Tito is an entertaining and well spoken chef who delivers a very nicely customized dining experience.

Rinaldo Andreolli - Dec 19, 2019

4,5/ 5

Chef Silvio was marvelous. The full experience was exactly what we needed -- we wanted to bring a restaurant experience home and that is exactly what we got. The food was delicious, presented artistically and with appeal, all the dishes were cooked to perfection and with multiple complex elements. It was truly and exquisite time. Chef Silvio was also very attentive to our privacy and our needs but also engaging when desired, he had exactly the right balance of letting us enjoy ourselves and also serving our needs. His 30 years of experience is apparent. We would book Chef Silvio again in a heartbeat! Thank you!

Kai Chou - Dec 14, 2020

5/ 5

I booked this experience to celebrate my husband's birthday and we had the best experience in a long time. Chef Ayan is a true professional. She communicated the meals well in advance, also took care of allergy requirements well. All dishes were prepared with full care, presented to us and absolutely delicious! Best of all, the kitchen was left sparkling clean after the meals. Thank you Chef Ayan for the incredible experience!

Dina Hart - Feb 15, 2021

5/ 5

I hired Andoni to cook for my Dad´s Birthday and we had a great experience. The food as well as the presentation was excellent. We enjoyed a big variety of starters, all very well prepared, tasty and with great presentation. The meat main course was tender and tasty. All in all it was a 5 Star Experience. Andoni is a very simpatic and professional fellow, that explained each course to the guests. The entertaining part of having a professional chef cooking in our kitchen made this evening a very special one. Me and also our guests will definitely book Andoni again.

Jens Petzi - Nov 11, 2020

4,5/ 5

Philipp did a fantastic job from start to finish. Communication beforehand was very clear and quick and also attentive and extremely service-minded. The menu was very well composed and fitting to the occasion and the quality of the food was magnificent. In addition to the cooking Philipp also sorted out and provide wine that accompanied the food perfectly. This was a huge plus for us as a lot of people in our group were wine aficionados. I would highly recommend Philipp for any occasion

Bo Liljefors - Oct 22, 2018

5/ 5

Enjoy a Private Chef in the comfort of your own home

Let us know the details of your event and receive tailored menu proposals from our Private Chefs in Velten.

Key information about Private Chef in Velten

Discover more details about our Private Chefs in Velten and their services.

43 years

The average age of our Private Chefs in Velten

57% women

Percentage of Private Chef women in Velten.

1 hours

The average wait time from submitting the request and the first menu.


First Private Chef service in Velten.

23.5% of kids

Percentage of Private Chef services with kids in Velten.

14 bookings

Maximum number of bookings for a Private Chef in Velten by a single client.


Increase in the number of Private Chef bookings in Velten in the last year

2 languages

Languages spoken by our Private Chefs in Velten.


Percentage of guests that hire a Private Chef more than once.

7 days

Average number of days booked for multiple services.

498 pictures

Photos of our Private Chefs uploaded to the platform in Velten.

3 days

Average timeframe from the Private Chef request to booking.

How many services of Private Chef are booked in Velten each month?

Depending on the destination, Private Chef reservations can fluctuate seasonally to a greater or lesser extent throughout the year. In the case of Velten, you can check the monthly fluctuations of Private Chef reservations in the following table.

Thruthfully, any month of the year is good to enjoy a Private Chef in the comfort of your home, but due to the fluctuations in the demand for Private Chefs in Velten, prices may vary especially for last minute reservations. Step ahead and book a Private Chef to avoid any surprises!

How much does a Private Chef cost in Velten?

The cost of hiring a Private Chef depends essentially on the number of guests who will be enjoying the experience. On average, for bookings of 2 people, the price of a Private Chef in Velten is 0 EUR per person. Between 3 and 6 people, the average price is 0 EUR per person. Between 7 and 12 people, the average price is 0 EUR. For 13 or more people the average price is 0 EUR.

On another hand, each destination is totally different, and seasonality usually makes prices vary considerably. On the following chart you can find the differences on the average pricing charged by our Private Chefs in Velten on each particular month of the year.

How many Private Chef register in Velten each month?

After many years of offering our services in Velten, we are lucky to have a fantastic team of chefs that keeps growing all the time!

Every month, 1 Private Chefs register with us. Our verification team reviews these new Private Chef profiles daily to categorize them, allowing you to discover incredible new chefs every month.

What is the most reserved type of cuisine in Velten?

We mainly offer six types of cuisine in Velten: Mediterranean, Italian, French, Japanese, Mexican and surprise. The type of cuisine with the highest number of bookings in Velten is the Surprise cuisine, and the less booked type is the Mediterranean cuisine.

But beyond these six types of cuisine, our Private Chefs personalize thousands of menus for their clients every day, adjusting every detail to find the perfect menu for every occasion and every group. Of course, our Private Chefs will adapt their dishes to any allergy or dietary restriction, and they can also propose other cuisines or fusions. Sumbit your request and discover the menus of your Private Chefs in Velten!

Discover our Private Chefs

Each Private Chef in Velten is absolutely unique. All of them have professional cooking training and years of experience in all kinds of restaurants. Each one of them has made their own way to becoming a Private Chef. Tell us the details of your event and discover the best Private Chefs in Velten who will personalize every detail of your experience.

Frequently asked questions

Below you can find the most common questions about Private Chefs in Velten.

What does a Private Chef service include in Velten?

A Private Chef service includes everything necessary to enjoy the experience, from the customization of a menu to the purchase of ingredients, the mise en place prior to the service, the preparation of the menu at the guests' home, the complete table service, and lastly the set up and cleaning of the kitchen and the spaces used during the experience. Tableware and glassware are not included. Gratuity is entirely up to the guests' discretion.

How much does a Private Chef cost in Velten?

The price of a private chef service depends essentially on the number of people. On average, for bookings of 2 people, the price of a Private Chef in Velten is 0 EUR per person. Between 3 and 6 people, the average price is 0 EUR per person. Between 7 and 12 people, the average price is 0 EUR. For 13 or more people the average price is 0 EUR. It is important to point out that, depending on the destination, Private Chef reservations may be more or less seasonal and, therefore, the price may fluctuate. This also applies to last minute bookings, where prices may also vary.

How can I hire a Private Chef in Velten?

To hire a Private Chef just select a date, number of people, let us know your food preferences and intolerances and share with us a few details about your kitchen. In a matter of a few hours, you will receive four tailor-made menus and will be able to review the chef's profile, reviews and pictures of their dishes. You will also be able to speak directly with each chef through the messaging area on the platform and ask for menu modifications, price changes, and generally discuss any questions you may have. Once you have chosen your favorite chef and menu, you can finalize your reservation on the website. Once the reservation is confirmed, you will receive the chef's direct contact information to finalize the details.

How can I find a Private Chef in Velten?

In Velten there are currently 80 Private Chefs available. To find the best chef, you only have to fill in the form and the 4 best local chefs available on the chosen date will send you their menu proposal. You will be able to check in detail their professional profile and choose the chef/proposal you like the most.

What is the maximum amount of people allowed for a Private Chef service?

There is no maximum number of people, although a Private Chef service is usually carried out in a more intimate level along with friends or family, and usually in homes where space is limited. Even though there is no maximum number of people, generally the groups do not exceed 15 people.

Does the Private Chef cook at my house?

A Private Chef always prepares the menu at the client's home, as it is an inherent part of the experience. However, depending on the complexity of the menu, the chef may prepare a mise en place before going to the client's home, as some dishes take several hours to prepare and it would be impossible to execute all the steps at the client's home.

Can I cook along with the Private Chef?

Absolutely! Usually, there are always several food lovers among the diners who take the opportunity to share some time with the chef, learn some tricks in the kitchen and the step-by-step of each of the dishes on the menu. For those diners who really want to get hands on, they can of course join the chef and cook!

Are the ingredients for a Private Chef service fresh?

Every Private Chef gives the utmost importance to the freshness of the ingredients used in their menus. The main difference between a restaurant and a private chef is in the personalized treatment of each diner. The chef personalizes the menu, and based on that menu, makes the necessary purchases to develop the menu chosen by the customers. Therefore, the freshness of the ingredients is one of the key elements of a Private Chef service.

Are drinks included in a Private Chef service?

Drinks are not included by default. However, you can reach an agreement with the chef in order to add drinks as an "extra" to the menu proposal.

How much should I tip a Private Chef in Velten?

Each guest can freely decide the tip he/she wishes to give to the chef, as it is up to their discretion. On average, based on the tips given by 210 guests in Velten, guests usually tip 14,72% of the total amount to their Private Chef.

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