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Private Chef in Geneva

Enjoy the Geneva, its views, and its food like never before. Book a Private Chef for an unforgettable experience.

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We cook in your home
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How to enjoy a Private Chef in Geneva?

Do you want to give a romantic surprise to your partner and do not know what to get?
Do you have a dinner with your friends and want to do something different without complicaros too?
Or maybe do you want to meet the whole family and for a time enjoy all together without anyone having to cook?
It is so easy! Is your chef at home and enjoy all the advantages of a restaurant of prestige in the comfort of home. Select the type of cuisine that you like, choose a date and devote yourself to enjoy. As simple as that.

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The best Private Chefs of the city are present in your home

A multitude of Private Chefs willing to send you a custom proposal for your next event.
All of our chefs have done their training in hospitality schools such as Le Cordon Bleu or the Basque Culinary Center.
In the same way, they have developed their profession for years in prestigious restaurants working with one of the masters of Spanish cuisine in restaurants with Michelin Stars
Live the experience and let yourself be surprised by our chefs.

Haute cuisine in the comfort of your home

Choose something different in Geneva

Geneva has a dynamic dining scene, with excellent choices for local cuisine, such as "Restaurant Chez ma Cousine", as well as a variety of high-quality international restaurants, with such staples as "Rasoi by Vineet" and "IZUMI" for Indian and Japanese cuisine, respectively.

What we at Take a Chef offer though, is the opportunity of a unique dining experience. With a menu built entirely around your preferences and a chef dedicated to your tastes, we propose a much more intimate and personalised meal.

To give it a try, simply click above!

Private chef dining in Geneva

More than 80’000 people have already enjoyed the experience

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