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Enjoy a memorable experience at your own home with one of our private chefs. It is a perfect way of celebrating any important occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries or just for fun! Provide a fresh twist and surprise your loved ones by allowing us to turn your home into one of Rockwall's top restaurants. You do not have to worry about anything, simply tell us what your preferences are and our local chefs will personalize menu options according to your taste Just pick your favorite and sit back - your preferred chef will purchase the freshest ingredients on the day of the service, cook directly in your kitchen and serve the dishes to you and your guests. They will also clean the kitchen once the dinner is over!

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At Take a Chef we are obsessed with creating the most memorable dining experience for you. That’s why tailored according to your personal preferences. Our chefs have been professionally trained in top culinary schools around the world and have no less than a decade of experience in the industry. To make sure everything is of your preference, you will be able to review the chef's professional background and base your final decision on that and the menu proposed. You can even speak to them before booking, simply click start to find out!

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The most memorable experiences are those that surprise you from the beginning and do not stop until the end, imagine sharing this with your loved ones! This is Take a Chefs philosophy. We offer a tailored service while also giving you the chance of understanding the dishes and preparation that is being served to you by one of our private chefs.

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