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Enjoy a private chef service that will offer you an exclusive dining experience that is ideal to mark significant events such as birthdays or anniversaries. It may also be a perfect opportunity to add a fresh twist to a meal, a family dinner or a lunch with mates.

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We have a broad variety of chef profiles with experience in top restaurants, cafes, resorts, culinary bars and much more. One of our chefs has over ten years of experience under their belts and is educated at the best cooking schools in the World. More specifically, with over 40 chefs in Shreveport already, we're sure we're going to find the right chef for you!

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What is a Personal Chef service experience?

What you need to do is inform us what kind of food you're searching for and any other interests you may have. When we have a clear sense of your preferences, our chefs can give you customized menu ideas to select from. As for the service itself, on the day of the dinner, your selected chef will go to his preferred local store to pick up fresh ingredients for the dishes. Few hours before they will arrive and prepare the meal for your unforgettable night!

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