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The best Private Chef service is now available in St. Joseph!

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Why not try a Private Chef service in St. Joseph?

Want to give your partner a special romantic surprise? Want to enjoy a dinner with friends and fancy trying something different? You do not have to leave home anymore to celebrate a special occasion, our private chefs will work hard to let you have an unforgettable night with your guests! Take a Chef allows you to transform your home into one of the best restaurants in town. Tell us a few details of your gastronomic preferences and dates and let our chefs all the arrangements for the ultimate culinary experience at home!

Our Private Chef in St Joseph
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An innovative dining experience in St. Joseph

All of our chefs have over a decade worth of experience in the culinary industry and have been trained in one of the most prestigious Culinary institutes of the country and overseas. At Take a Chef, we aim to find you the perfect chef for you and to make this the best dining experience. Our selected group of professional Chefs in St. Joseph will match your needs! You will be able to check the professional profiles of each chef who has contacted you and choose the one that suits you best. At this point, you’ll also be able to contact them directly to discuss all the details related to the service and organize everything for the day of the event!

Haute cuisine in the comfort of your home

Your house, the best restaurant

Turn your house into a top-rated restaurant. The experience begins when you request a menu from Take a Chef. Our Chefs will tailor a menu proposal carefully designed according to your needs and preferences. Our chef will take care of everything else, from grocery shopping, cooking, table service and of course the worst part, the dishes and cleaning too! Your kitchen will be spotless - You are just a few clicks away, Press the orange button to start the most exciting culinary experience at home!

A Private Chef experience in St Joseph

More than 80,000 people have already enjoyed the experience

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