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Private Chef in Woonsocket

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Enjoy a unique culinary experience at home with a Personal Chef

All you have to do is tell us your cravings and our chefs will send you menu proposals carefully designed around your tastes. Choose your favorite one and on the day of the service, your chef will head to their preferred local markets to pick up the freshest, tastiest produce. They will then come to your home, to prepare the entire menu directly in your kitchen. And to make sure you can really sit back and enjoy the experience, they will provide table service and make sure to clean up thoroughly before leaving. To give it a try, just click below!

Our Private Chef in Woonsocket
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Our Personal Chefs in Woonsocket go the extra mile

Just imagine having the most unique cooking experience in the comfort of your own house. Imagine having a Michelin Star chef buying all the ingredients for you, cooking, explaining to you the menu of your dinner and leaving your entire kitchen even cleaner than it was before? Well, this is what Take a Chef provides to you! A completely customized, personalized, single, unique chef experience! The best Private Chefs at your disposal

Haute cuisine in the comfort of your home

Try something different! Try a Private Chef service in Woonsocket

Our philosophy is to bring our clients with the ultimate culinary experience, surprising our customers through the senses. We offer a completely personalized show cooking, gastronomic advice and the chance to understand how the dishes on your menu are made. Any American, Asian or Mediterranean dishes can be showstoppers on your dining table with the expertise of one of our Personal Chefs. Curious to try it? Click the orange button to get started!

A Private Chef experience in Woonsocket

More than 80,000 people have already enjoyed the experience

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