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Turn your house into one of the best restaurants in town with a Personal Chef. You will be able to personalize every detail – choose what your favorite dishes or just let our chefs know your food preferences and our Chefs will put together a menu proposal carefully designed to match your needs. On the day of the service, the Chef will take care of sourcing the ingredients, cooking and very important, the chefs will leave the kitchen spotless before leaving. Don't worry about anything else but relax and enjoy the experience.

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At Take a Chef we are proud to offer unique and innovative experiences to our customers. We’re sure we can find the best chef to match your needs. All of our chefs have a decade worth of culinary experience and have been trained in the most prominent Culinary Schools in the world. As soon as you receive their menu proposals, you’ll have the chance to get to know our Chefs profiles and their academic and professional records. You’ll also be able to contact them directly to make any suggestions or upgrades to the menus proposed. Just sit back and relax

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Chicago and surrounding areas possess a vibrant and creative restaurant scene. There are plenty of intriguing restaurants in town but at Take a Chef we want to introduce you to a unique culinary experience: an intimate and personalized dining experience in your own home. Rather than working behind the scenes in a large restaurant, our chef will focus their attention on you, creating a customized variety of dishes according to your preferences. Curious to try it out? Click on the button above

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