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Experience culinary perfection

West end has a thriving food scene with innovative food possibilities for foreign cuisine. How don't you want to carry this home and appreciate a fun, tailored dining experience? Let the chef cook a meal when you're enjoying the island. To continue, click above!

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Our Private Chefs in West end go the extra mile

Each of our chefs has at least fifteen years of professional experience and studied from the finest culinary colleges. And our goal was to find the right chef for you to make this the best dining atmosphere imaginable. We believe that we will find the best fit for you.

Haute cuisine in the comfort of your home

Your house, the best restaurant!

Take a Chef is all about building a culinary experience that's right for you. That's why the menu is built to fit your tastes. We know it's crucial to find the right chef to suit your needs.

A Private Chef experience in West end

More than 80,000 people have already enjoyed the experience

Un buen menu con calidad de producto y buen servicio..Los platos muy elaborados y con toques que nos sorprendieron.Ella muy discteta y correcta.Cantidades adecuadas.

Merce - Feb 03 2019

5/ 5

Chef Sylvie was excellent! Her dishes were delicious and she was accommodating of some dietary restrictions. She was very attentive, helped make our experience fun and cleaned up perfectly!

Olivia - Mar 22 2021

5/ 5

El menú lo recibí por la página web y comenté en el chat de takeachef los cambios que quería. no tengo ninguna queja Al contrario, me ha encantado la experiencia, y cuando tenga una ocasión propicia, lo más seguro es que repita. Al resto de invitados también les encantó. Una idea estupenda, y Jesús un gran profesional. La persona que le ayudó también impecable. Muchísimas gracias por una gran noche.

Ana - Jun 18 2017

5/ 5

Chef Fecundo, Obviously loves his work and it is evident through his amazing dishes. I would recommend him to any one trying to have a special night with their significant other. I know he made our night special with his cuisine and light personality.

Steven Strumolo - Feb 15 2021

5/ 5

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