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Transform your kitchen with a Private Chef

Let us turn your home into a top restaurant, with a menu designed around your preferences. To get started, click the button below, we'll ask you a few questions that will help our chefs personalize a menu to your specific tastes. In 24 hours you'll receive a series of menu proposals to choose from!
The chef you choose will buy the ingredients needed on the day itself, choosing only the tastiest, local produce. They'll prepare each dish in your kitchen ahead of the meal and provide table service. What's more, they'll clean up so that all you have to worry about, is enjoying yourself.

Our Private Chef in Minneapolis
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The Twin Cities' best chefs, at your service

Our goal is to match you up with a chef whose abilities perfectly correspond to your palate. With over 90 chefs in the Twin Cities, we're pretty confident we can do just that!
Once you receive menu proposals you'll be able to make any change you wish to them, chat with each chef personally and see their professional profiles to find the one that most appeals to you.
And you'll always be in good hands: all of our chefs have ten years or more of experience in top restaurants, hotels, gastropubs and more. Plus, they've each come out of top cooking schools in the country.
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Haute cuisine in the comfort of your home

A change from the local food scene

The tough winters experienced in the Twin Cities evoke the thought of comfort food: stews and soups and hearty, gut-warming fare. In reality, the food scene boasts a growing community of excellent chefs, with a distinctly Nordic style to complement the international culinary traditions brought over by the region’s immigrant community.

With many enticing choices to try out, we wouldn't fault you for heading out to a restaurant. What we offer however, is the opportunity for a unique dining experience. By marrying chefs' personal passions with compatible diners' taste, we allow for a free expression of talent in menu design and the opportunity for an unforgettable, intimate and personalized meal.

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A Private Chef experience in Minneapolis

More than 80,000 people have already enjoyed the experience

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