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Would you like to enjoy a Private Chef service in St. Paul?

Transform your home into a dining room with a Private Chef who will prepare your meal in your kitchen. You will have the option to customize everything concerning your choices, what you would like to eat and the time you want to have your dinner. Our Private Chefs in St. Paul will break down your ask and send you their proposition, adjusting it to your necessities. Upon the arrival of the service, the Chef will purchase the groceries, cook them at your home, do the table assistance and tidy up before leaving, with the goal that you can unwind and appreciate.

Our Private Chef in St Paul
Dish cooked by a Private Chef in St Paul

Enjoy the best gastronomy in St. Paul

We have a wide network of Private Chefs, who carry long periods of experience to your unique events. Regardless of whether in your home or chalet, our Private Chefs handle all the subtleties with the goal that you can savor an exceptional occasion or for a daily service. Singularity, circumspection, and expertise are the base of our work, which permit us to offer our clients a service with high-quality standards.

Haute cuisine in the comfort of your home

Experience the best gastronomy of St. Paul in your villa

St. Paul emits an energetic and imaginative dining scene. There are a lot of interesting restaurants around however at Take a Chef we would like to present to you with a remarkable culinary adventure: a close and customized meal in your own home. Instead of working in the background in a huge restaurant, our culinary specialist will concentrate on you, making any changes on the dishes as indicated by your inclinations. Would you like to give it a shot? Click above!

A Private Chef experience in St Paul

More than 80,000 people have already enjoyed the experience

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