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Transform your house into a restaurant with a private chef who converts your kitchen into a restaurant with fine dining. The finest and most original encounters are the ones that delight you right from the start and do not stop until the end. These are the moments that create the best memories. This is the ideology of Taking a Chef.

Our Private Chef in Carlsbad
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Take a Chef introduces you in Carlsbad to experience a professional Chef. It is not a hotel, it is not a catering location. It's much easier. We provide a completely customized experience, show cooking, gastronomic guidance and an ability to understand how the dishes on your menu are made. A Personal Chef can allow you to live an experience whenever and wherever you wish. You just have to enjoy yourself and let the moment take you further.

Haute cuisine in the comfort of your home

Enjoying a Private Chef will be the highlight of your year

You will be able to customize every item, you will be able to select when to eat and what to eat. Our Private Chefs will review your petition, offer you their thoughts and adjust it to your needs. The Chef must get the ingredients on the day of service, then prepare them at home

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