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Enjoy a meal made by a professional Private Chef at the comfort of your own house, this is an excellent choice for any special occasion Our experienced private chefs will propose menu options depending on your preferences, they will adapt to any allergy or dietary requirement. Interested? Click start and check yourself how easy it can be to have a fancy meal!

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Simply tell us what gastronomy you are craving and our local chefs in Colton will tailor menu options for you to choose from. Review the chef's profile and professional background, chat with them and reserve whenever you are ready! Let us create memorable experiences with you!

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Colton's best Private Chefs come to your home

At Take a Chef we are all about helping you create the most unforgettable experiences with the help of our private chefs. They have been trained in top culinary schools of the world, plus working in high-end restaurants. We give you the perfect space to book one of them and take them to your home. On the day of the service, your selected Private chef will take care of everything, from sourcing the ingredients, cooking and cleaning, easy as that you do not have to worry about anything else other than spending your valuable time with your loved ones!

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