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Take a Chef offers you the possibility to enjoy the best dishes of a Private Chef in your home. Our Personal Chefs have been trained in the best hospitality schools in the world, this allows them to transfer to your home the avant-garde cuisine and dishes based on Michelin Stars. Quality and innovation just a click away.

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Gastronomic perfection rigth at home

Take a Chef allows you to transform your home into a high-end restaurant with a menu and experience custom made for you and your guests. Select the type of cuisine, choose the dates and enjoy the experience!

Haute cuisine in the comfort of your home

A special surpise, a wonderful experience

Take a Chef’s philosophy relies on the creation of beautiful memories around food. We offer a completely personalized service, giving you the chance to understand how the dishes on your menu are made. Any American, Asian or Mediterranean dishes can be showstoppers on your dining table with the expertise of one of our Private Chefs. Just click on the button below and give it a try!

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