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Best private chef selection in Pasadena, California

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Would you like to have a culinary private service in Pasadena?

Turn your house into a fine dining restaurant by requesting a private chef service, we will organize everything for you. You choose what you would like to have as well as when do you would like to have it. Our chefs in Pasadena? will review your request and send you a tailored proposal based on your food tastes. When the day comes the chef will buy the groceries needed, prepare and serve everything, and at the end of the service clean up the place so you can just relax and enjoy!

Our Private Chef in Pasadena
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Pasadena's best Private Chefs come to your home

Our Private Chefs have trained in some of the most famous hospitality schools in the world and many have also worked in Michelin Star restaurants. We will discover the ideal chef for your unique occasion. The only thing you have to do is share with us your cuisine of preference and your tastes, and we will find the perfect chef for you. You’ll be able to talk to the chef directly to make sure that every detail is exactly how you would like it!

Haute cuisine in the comfort of your home

Try something different! Try a Private Chef service in Pasadena.

The best and most original experiences are those that surprise you from the very beginning and do not stop until the end. These are the experiences that make the most unique memories. This is our philosophy. We offer a completely customized chef service, show cooking, gastronomic advice and the opportunity to fully understand the process behind the making of a dish on your menu. Any American, Asian or Mediterranean dishes can be showstoppers on your dining table with the expertise of one of our Private Chefs.

A Private Chef experience in Pasadena

More than 80,000 people have already enjoyed the experience

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